Hi, this is katie330 welcoming you to Storysite. Now that you've joined this wiki you can post your stories here for others to read. If you want more of a challenge, go to my contest page to see if there is a current contest going on. Here all the rules for this site:
1. You must put your username and a title when posting a story
2. You cannot delete other people's stories
3. All stories must be your own work.
4. Your stories must be appropriate, if there is any romance it must not be very descriptive, kissing okay but no making-out
5. Stories must be at least 20 sentences.
6. Do not enter a story in a contest if it does not go with the theme
7. You cannot use this wiki to sell things
8. No cursing on this wiki
9. You are free to post reviews on comments, but there is a difference between honest and mean
10. Please respect other people's cultures and religions
Thank you so much!